Navand Group

Supplier of equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industries

Navand Group

Navand engineering and commercial company is active as an equipment and raw material supplier in oil, gas, petrochemical, cement, steel and power plant industries. This company also works in technical and engineering consulting fields.

The activity of company is not restricted in equipment supplying and we are ready to provide services in maintenance and installation of the projects.

Due to many years of activity and experience of the Navand big family in petrochemical and refinery industries, we have accurate prediction of these industries requirements and we have been able to get our clients satisfaction and trust by providing good services.

This company has been able to provide high quality services and form a powerful communication network with supplier prominent brands in order to provide the equipment fast and on time.

We believe that fast response, proper reaction and high flexibility against industry and market changes is the key to prosperity.